Hair Removal – Sugaring

Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit for SugaringSugaring is one of the oldest hair removal methods. It provides an excellent alternative to waxing, the biggest advantages being its effectiveness and that the fact that it can be done at home. It consists of preparing a sugar-based paste and applying it onto the skin. A strip of cloth is then pressed into the paste layer and pulled away fast, removing the unwanted hairs.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sugaring

Here are a few of the advantages of this ancient technique of getting rid of your unwanted hair:

1. Skin-Friendly

Many women prefer sugaring to waxing because it can be applied to large areas of skin. As this substance sticks only to the hair and not to the outer layer of the skin, it is less destructive and less messy than waxing. This makes it less painful as well. Moreover, sugar contains compounds that are gentle on the skin while wax contains potentially irritating agents.

2. Not Dangerous

The sugar-based paste needs to be at room temperature, in order to avoid the burning of the skin. This makes it much safer than wax, which needs to be applied hot, thus being less comfortable and potentially dangerous.

3. Easier To Clean-Up

This hair removal procedure is less messy than waxing, as the residues can be easily removed with warm water. Wax can be very stubborn, requiring a lot of work to clean away. Moreover, if it falls on carpets or other pieces of fabric, it is going to be very hard to remove.

There are also a few disadvantages to sugaring:

1. Less Effective On Short Hair

Unfortunately, the paste isn’t effective unless the hairs are at least a quarter-inch long. This means your hairs may be visible for about one or two weeks before being able to remove them again. If you have light hair, this may not be a problem. However, dark haired persons may not be satisfied with this solution.

2. Relatively Painful

Although much better than waxing, sugaring is also painful in comparison to other methods that don’t involve pulling the hairs from their roots. This is why extremely sensitive persons may want to find another solution to remove their undesirable hair.

3. Potentially Difficult To Do By Yourself

Although you can do it at home, this method may prove to be tricky, as there are hard to reach areas you won’t be able to treat yourself. However, if you get a friend to help you, you are going to be satisfied with the solution.

As you can see, there are pros and cons of this method. Inform yourself well before trying the procedure yourself. It is probably wiser to do it in a special salon for the first time, in order to see how well you can stand it. If you don’t have any problems when you get the treatment from a professional, you can think about trying it at home. With a little bit of practice and a very small investment, you are going to be beautiful and happy, without your unwanted hair.

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