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Hair Relaxers

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brazilian keratin hair straightening

Brazilian Keratin Straightening (Credits:

For years, people have used flat irons as a hair styling tool, but, of course, there have also been the warnings. You can cause hair damage by using this device on a regular basis because of the heat. While that may be true to a degree, pardon the pun, opting for hair relaxers instead is even worse. And, I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Many people don’t know that hair relaxers can be dangerous, so don’t feel bad. I didn’t know it before I started seeing all kinds of information pop up from the experts about how you might as well opt for a flat iron and use it responsibly vs subjecting your hair to hair relaxers.

The Verdict Is In – Hair Relaxers Can Be More Dangerous Compared To Flat Irons

People think that just because they visit a salon, they can trust the hair relaxers, but that’s just not the case. Are you familiar with the process that the hair relaxers use to straighten and form your hair? The chemical composition of your hair is actually altered during the process, and so many complications can arise.

For example, there can be chemical burns and different types of hair damage can occur. If you are seeing a good stylist, you really shouldn’t have to worry about this, but how well do you trust your stylist? Besides, accidents happen, and the truth is the use of hair relaxers is anything but safe in comparison to flat irons.

So why are people opting for hair relaxers so often and citing they are protecting their hair from a flat iron? It’s what used to be the popular idea, but now more and more people are finding out how using hair relaxers isn’t quite the idea that people once thought.

Side Effects of Chemical Hair Straightening

At a minimum, you’re looking at minor scalp irritation. Yes, there are regular side effects to hair relaxers, and, unfortunately, too many women are finding out the hard way. They are going along with the idea that they should use hair relaxers, and then along came the side effects to make their hair worse off than before the treatment.

If chemical burns were to occur, an infection could even take place and more. What kind of picture do you have in your head right now of opting for hair relaxers and what you would look like afterward? I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing chemical burns, dry, flaky skin, redness and infection and with all that, your hair is probably just completely gone!

Okay so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but it could be. And, why are so many people not yet understanding that this is the case? Perhaps they don’t know that this styling treatment can cause you to lose hair. Indeed, hair loss is one of the possible side effects, which should make all women steer clear.

Most of the hair loss has been reported to be minimal, but the key word here is it has been ‘reported.’ Therefore, it’s not just a possibility, but it has happened. And, you know what else has happened? People have actually lost large amounts of hair as well. On top of hair loss, hair relaxers can also cause hair breakage. Are you going to have any good hair left?

Are you really choosing the lesser of two evils when you go back to the flat iron? I guess you could say that in one way because you have to be responsible and hope that you’re not going to use it to a degree that it doesn’t cause heat damage to your hair. But still, the possible consequences and side effects are nothing compared to hair relaxers.

Permanent_hair_straightening - before and after

Before and After Permanent Hair Straightening (Credits: Salon Shique Australia )

Hair relaxers have more serious side effects, so they are in a whole separate category. If you perhaps wish to straighten your hair naturally or with other methods, by all means compare those methods to that of the flat iron. But the days of comparing hair relaxers to flat irons should be over. Besides, a good straightening iron will work best with natural hair compared to one that has been chemically straightened.

Have you ever opted for one of the styling treatments? What would you say about them? Perhaps you’ve had nothing but good experiences, but if you have, you need to consider yourself blessed. Certainly, not everyone is going to have a bad experience with hair relaxers, but there are many that have and that are on record.

People always think it’s not going to be them, but you don’t want the major side effects that you just visualized earlier to come into play with your hair and scalp. You want to protect your scalp, and maybe it’s time to go with wavy or curly hair, or use any natural product you can find for styling. If you don’t like the flat iron, those should be your choices.

The Natural Alternative

More and more companies are putting out all-natural products, even pure ingredients themselves that are trending, such as coconut oil. You can find many natural styling agents, and you might just find your way out of using the flat iron. But for now, just know that it’s best to use the flat iron if you’re even considering going for hair relaxers.

Do be aware that severe heat damage is definitely not good for your hair. So, this article is not saying use the flat iron freely and burn, burn, burn your hair. It’s reminding you to use it responsibly and putting your mind at ease to the fact that you don’t face as many side effects.

If you’re ever had dry or frizzy hair from a flat iron, that is probably what sent you running to hair relaxers. Well, they aren’t the answer, so until you figure out what to do, at least grab the flat iron and attempt not to get in a hurry.

Don’t force the style with a flat iron, but simply use the device to help you get a better style for the day. Use natural hair moisturizing products to keep your hair in its best shape. Those essential oils and natural ingredients might just be what you need to start using daily.