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Hair Removal – Depilatories

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Although most people use razors and shavers to trim their hair, they have to do it day in day out to keep the hair in check. Although shaving does help contain hair growth at that moment, many are looking for more effective hair removal methods. Depilatories are considerably the easiest and most effective way of hair removal. With various methods out there, it would be advisable to identify a method that best works for you. Discussed below are 4 of the most commonly used and effective methods of hair removal.

1. Sugaring

This works in an almost similar way as waxing, only that it is an all-natural method. The main ingredients used in sugaring include water, glycerin, sugar and water. Unlike waxing that removes both hair and skin, sugaring is effective in removing hair alone. The process is however as painful as waxing, only that your skin is preserved from damage and pigmentation.

2. Waxing

This is the most common method of hair removal. It involves applying melted wax on the skin, removing it quickly once dry. This helps uproot hair follicles for a smooth skin. This method has been in use for centuries and continues to be effective to this date.

3. Electrolysis

This method is effective in removing orphan hairs on the head, face and other body parts. This method involves delivering a shortwave radio frequency on the orphan follicle to destroy it. By destroying the hair follicle, one can stay for months, or even years without having to worry about hair growth. It is mostly recommended for people who want permanent hair removal.

4. Laser hair removal

This is another form of permanent hair removal that involves using a diode laser to remove hair follicles. Only a certified and experienced doctor is allowed to perform hair removal using this method. If not correctly done, it can pose serious side effects on the skin. It is however very effective for people with dark hair.

5. Chemical depilatory

veet hair removal cream - chemical depilatoryThis method involves using chemical active ingredients (potassium thioglycolate) to remove hair by breaking disulphide bonds in keratin. The weakened hair falls off within a matter of minutes leaving a smooth clear skin. Chemical depilatories are common in the form of hair removal creams and gels. Unlike the above-mentioned hair removal methods, chemical depilation is pain-free, fast and an inexpensive method.

Whether you want a permanent or temporary hair removal method, the methods discussed above are effective in the same. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are the only known and effective method of permanent hair removal. The other methods are effective in removing hairs from underarms, arms, in private parts and beards as well.

Should you consider using chemical depilatories for hair removal, it would then be advisable to check with a dermatologist first. This is mandatory especially for persons with sensitive skin. You also need to choose the hair removal cream/gel carefully to avoid using a product that will affect your skin and trigger many side effects. Asking your dermatologist for help in choosing a hair removal method or product is recommended as well.