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Hair Removal – Waxing

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Chest_waxingSummer is best spent out in the pools and beaches and not indoors playing video games. But most of the time, it almost catches all of us by surprise. You haven’t found a bikini that wows your body yet, and more so you haven’t had your body waxed for a while because probably, winter was too cold. Don’t panic though, there is a very easy way to take care of your hair “situation.”

Body waxing has been used so widely and so easily to a point where you can just do it by yourself in your home. This article contains very interesting information about waxing as a hair removal process. A lot of people, especially men, would frown upon the mention of the word “waxing.” This is because, for them, it is a painful procedure that lacks any significance.

Could that be true? Well, let’s find out.

What Is Waxing?

This is an effective, semi-permanent hair removal process that removes body hair from the roots. Waxing can be done on any part of the body, but the common areas include the eyebrows, legs, back, arms, abdomen, and the pubic area or more commonly referred to as a bikini wax.

This hair removal process makes use of a resin-based wax to extract the hair from the skin by the roots. Believe it or not, this can last up to six or seven weeks depending on how well the waxing was done. Think it’s worth trying yet? Let’s go on.

How Does Waxing Work?

You are probably wondering how you are going to manoeuvre through the process and get it right. Well, this is very simple as you are about to find out. The process of waxing involves two major activities; a wax on and a wax off. You start with a wax on. You require to have prepared a warm mixture of suitable wax.

The wax is then to be spread around the areas of interest in the direction or hair growth. A strip of cloth or paper is then used to cover the region before the wax dries. A good thing to note here is that hard wax cools solid enough and as such it would not require a strip. Some strips are designed with pre-cooled wax and would work just fine, but it is better when friction is created to make the process effective.

What Are The Positives Of Waxing?

One of the things that have made waxing so popular is that it can be accomplished within a matter of minutes. Although it still doesn’t match up to shaving, waxing ensures that larger areas are covered by using a single strip. The other advantage of waxing is that you can do it in the comfort of your home.

The kits and instruction manuals and videos are also readily available in local beauty shops. The other interesting thing about waxing is that the results can be permanent if waxing is done continually over time. The hair follicle become damaged and may stop growing altogether.

What Are The Negatives Of Waxing?

On the downside, waxing requires one to have at least about half an inch of hair on their body for the wax to stick. Trust me, having to grow your hair for four weeks is not that fun. The procedure requires exercise of safety and sanitary standards that are very high to prevent skin infections.

In spite of the negatives, waxing continues to be the preferred method of getting rid of unwanted hair on any part of the skin.

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