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Laser Hair Removal

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There are many different types of hair removal treatments available today. Laser hair removal is widely considered as one of the most popular treatment methods for removing hair on a permanent basis. It is an extremely safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair if it is performed by a qualified specialist. It is painless and affordable. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the best form of treatment available for getting rid of hair permanently.

Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

In this treatment, laser is pointed at the hair pigment in the skin. This high-energy laser damages the hair follicle. Damaged follicle results in the removal of already present hair and slows down the future hair growth. The biggest benefit of this process is that it does not affect the surrounding skin tissues.

Also, it does not take long. A trained professional can get rid of hair in unwanted body areas such as upper lip within a few minutes. Similarly, bigger areas such as hairs on the back or legs can be removed within an hour. On the other hand, various other treatment methods take a long time.

laser hair removalIt is also important to keep in mind that this is not meant for everyone. It typically works best for people who have lighter skin tone and dark hair color. It is easier for the professional to focus the laser light on the right area when there is more contrast. However, this does not mean that this process cannot be used by people with darker skin tones. A lot of technological advances have been made in this field that have made it possible for people of darker skin tones to get rid of unwanted hair using this treatment.

As far as the safety of this process is concerned, it has been approved by FDA for the purposes of hair removal. However, it is considered safe only when this is performed by a trained specialist who has a lot of experience in this field. Laser is a concentrated form of energy and it can damage your skin if you choose to get this treatment from someone who does not know the right way to handle the laser light. Therefore, it is always recommended to get this different from a licensed medical doctor only.

There is almost no pain. Most of the times, there is only a slight stinging sensation and the patient does not feel anything else. Also, some of the new lasers available in the market today do not heat the skin. Sometimes, doctors use topical anesthesia before performing this procedure. Most of the times, there is no need for any pain medication.

The hair removal is permanent in most of the cases, but the results do vary on an individual basis. The results depend a lot on the hair color, skin tone and some other factors. However, even if the hair does grow back, these are lighter in color. Overall, this treatment method has no side effects and is highly effective.