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Hair Removal – Shaving

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10134537425_86a49222ea_nIn contrast to the promotion of bodily hair growth, contemporary society is supporting hair removal and the various associated techniques. One of the most common methods to remove body hair is shaving due its ease and low cost. Furthermore, many of the alternate techniques can cause allergic reactions and other detrimental side effects.

All You Need To Know About Shaving As Hair Removal Technique

This article will provide information on shaving as a hair removal technique; as well as, the most effective way to do it.

Is It The Best Option?

As mentioned above, shaving is a much less costly method to hair removal and presents with fewer side effects. Of course, the side effects vary from individual to individual and the majority of users do not experience any side effects at all. Another factor that contributes to shaving being an effective hair removal technique is its lack of smell and chemicals. Hair removal lotions and waxing have a particular odor that can be unpleasant. It is also less painful than waxing or lotions with far less difficulty in application.

What Is The Most Effective Procedure?

Shaving is a simple hair removal technique that can be completed by any individual; however, there are certain steps to complete in order to conduct a fully successful shave without any razor burns. The first step is to soften the hair shaft. This can be done by soaking the area to be shaved in warm or hot water. A soft hair is much easier to trim than a harder shaft.

The next step that must be considered is the speed of shaving. The majority of individuals will shave in a hurry during a shower or bath; however, this can cause after burn and ingrown hairs. Instead, it is recommended that one apply a shaving lotion to the specific area to prepare the hair. After leaving the lotion or ointment on the area for a couple of minutes, it is advised that one shave in firm and slow strokes. It is very important that one does not drag the razor repeatedly over an area as this can contribute to ingrown hairs. It is also important that one rinse the blade after each swipe to ensure a clean cut.

Once you’re done, rinse the area with warm water to remove any residue. One should also complete a final splash of cold water on the shaved area to tighten pores and soothe any irritations. It is recommended that one apply body lotion or oils to the area after drying to maintain soft and supple skin.

Is Shaving The Best Option For Long Term Hair Removal?

Shaving is effective; however it is not a long term solution. Dependent on the individual, a clean shave can last approximately one or two weeks. To provide a long term solution, it is necessary to shave the area frequently. A more beneficial option for the long term is that of electrolysis.

Final Words On The Matter

Hair removal can be a tricky task and there are various treatments available to suit the individual. The information above will assist in a decision of whether shaving is the best option for one’s needs.


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